Diagnostic procedures

  • Visual acuity test with and without correction, with and without pupil dilatation – special charts of optotypes are presented to a person to evaluate person‘s vision;
  • Autorefraction with and without pupil dilatation – measurement of person‘s eye refraction (degree of nearsightedness, farsigtedness and astigmatism) with computer-controlled autorefractor;
  • Videokeratography – (or corneal topography) mapping of corneal surface, which is important in diagnosis of some eye deseases;
  • Tonometry – measurement of intraocular pressure with non-contact or Schotz tonometer;
  • Pachimetry – measurement of corneal thickness using special ultrasonic device;
  • Biomicroscopy – the microscopic examination of the eye by use of a slit lamp. Changes in the outer or inner structures of the eye can be evaluated;
  • Gonioscopy – evaluation of anterior chamber angle using special goniolenses;
  • Computer-assisted perimetry – assessment of the visual field. It‘s very important in diagnosis and observation of different eye deseases (glaucoma, changes of the optic nerve and retina);
  • Diagnostic tests for the dry eye syndrome;
  • Color vision test – assessment of person‘s color vision using one of the most popular test Ishihara color vision test (of 24 pseudoisochromatic plates).

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